eguile-based reports -- progress

Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Mon Jun 1 18:21:28 EDT 2009

Chris Dennis wrote:
> Phil Longstaff wrote:
>> The result invoice looks *really* nice :)
>> 2.3.0 has the webkit branch merged in. I think there are no issues on 
>> linux and macosx, but am not sure about windows yet.
>> Phil
> Thanks for that Phil.
> One issue I've found with using eguile and webkit is that the report 
> system expects just the <body> of HTML document.
> According to the HTML specification, the <style> element should go 
> within the <head>.  Luckily webkit allows <style> to be within <body>, 
> which is how I've done it so far.  But for full control of the content 
> of the report, it would be better to be able to define all the HTML, not 
> just the <body>.
> I'll have a look into what would be required to implement this, unless 
> someone has done so already.

Sorry to answer my own post, but I realised that a small patch that I 
came up with a while ago addresses this issue.

I've created a bug report and associated patch to fix it at

As 2.3.0 has webkit in it, it would be good if this patch could be 
applied to 2.3.x, even if eguile-based reports don't make it in.  It 
will allow enterprising users to experiment more effectively with eguile 



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