Online OFX import of Investment Statements

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Sat Jun 6 04:20:03 EDT 2009


ok, so something probably needs to be done in Gnucash. 

As a first step: Could you maybe create or modify a to-be-imported OFX file 
and send it to me? I could then create an import context file and inspect it. 
After that I can look for the reason why GnuCash doesn't accept the data as 
stock items.

My guess is that the AqBanking import code in GnuCash doesn't expect to 
encounter  investment data (because until now there wasn't any), so it simply 
handles everything as bank transactions.

I would like to work on that (even though I have some time restraints due to 
daywork). But since you already spent so much time on improving AqBanking we 
might as well bring this to actual use for GnuCash.


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