Online OFX import of Investment Statements

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 8 10:56:11 EDT 2009


Martin Preuss <aquamaniac at> writes:

> Hi,
> ok, so something probably needs to be done in Gnucash. 
> As a first step: Could you maybe create or modify a to-be-imported OFX file 
> and send it to me? I could then create an import context file and inspect it. 
> After that I can look for the reason why GnuCash doesn't accept the data as 
> stock items.
> My guess is that the AqBanking import code in GnuCash doesn't expect to 
> encounter  investment data (because until now there wasn't any), so it simply 
> handles everything as bank transactions.
> I would like to work on that (even though I have some time restraints due to 
> daywork). But since you already spent so much time on improving AqBanking we 
> might as well bring this to actual use for GnuCash.

Thank you!

> Regards
> Martin


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