Win32 build for 2.3.1

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Mon Jun 8 11:58:30 EDT 2009

Matching HEAD works fine now.  However, once we have the 2.4 branch, 2.4.1 will be a tag based on the 2.4 branch, not on trunk.  *That* is what I would like to aim at.


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Quoting Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at>:

> Derek,
> how hard would it be to set up win32 builds so that the 'tags' tree is monitored, and if a new tag is added, that tag is built, and win32_setup_gc_'tag'.exe (or whatever it is called) would be put somewhere.  That would be an automatic mechanism to build the newly announced versions.
> Yes, I know.  Patches are welcome :)

Umm..  I honestly don't know.  You can see the script in SVN
right now, but it assumes a single tree, and it assumes it's already checked
out.  I don't know how hard it would be to set up something to watch for a new
tag and build if it sees one.  Such a script would need to:

1. poll the tags URL in the repo
2. see if there's a new tag (not sure how to detect this)
3. if it sees a new tag, do an svn checkout
4. run the daily_build on the new checkout

I'd be happy to sdet up the nightly job to do this but we'd have to solve step
#2 first.  I think steps 3 and 4 are relatively straightforward.  However there
still might be some configuration to do.

There should have been a 2.3.1 build off whatever was HEAD at 2am EDT, which
looks like it should be "correct".

> Phil


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