Sorting out QSF import and export

Josh Sled jsled at
Tue Jun 9 10:29:35 EDT 2009

David Goodenough <david.goodenough at> writes:
> So the question is, which way to go.  Should I simply work on the old QSF
> code and get it to work, and then add selection to it and matching, or should
> I look at the new framework and rewrite the QSF code to work there?

QSF is a bad idea.  Please don't propagate it.

Domain-specific import/export formats and import/export logic are going
to be far easier to implement, debug and use.

Hopefully, you can find something to leverage in the existing (generic,
not QIF-specific) importer/exporter, but for things like Customers and
Vendors where there's not an src/engine/Account to match against, I'm
not sure if the existing code will be trivially adaptable; those Vendors
and Customers are different data-sources for matching purposes.

Note that I'm speaking at a high-level, I'd be happy if you found the
code was more sophisticated than I'm thinking.

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