Sorting out QSF import and export

David Goodenough david.goodenough at
Tue Jun 9 10:05:20 EDT 2009

I sent a couple of questions to the user list recently about the import and
export of data (customers and invoices are of particular interest to me)
and it became obvious that the only provided route is QSF, but that QSF
import and export support is buggy and un-maintained and quite likely
to get removed.

Digging further I found that QOF appears to exist in two versions now,
the one that GnuCash uses, and the one everyone else uses.  I gather that
there are differences which would make it difficult for GnuCash to move to
the latest version.  They also seem to have gone a different route for
SQL support, but that is a different matter.

The QSF support that is present in GnuCash seems to be export only (at
least that is all that is visible on the menusa), and currently it does 
nothing (at least when I try to use it on 2.3.1).  It also appears that all
you can do is export all the customers, or all the invoices etc - no 

There would also appear to be a separate import and export framework
developing around QIF and OFX, but again this seems incomplete in that
I can only find ways of importing data, no export.  This however does seem
to have matching code for tying the incomming data into the relevant
accounts on GnuCash.

So the question is, which way to go.  Should I simply work on the old QSF
code and get it to work, and then add selection to it and matching, or should
I look at the new framework and rewrite the QSF code to work there?

Any suggestions?


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