How to integrate with new SQL backend

Pelton, Brian bpelton at
Thu Jun 11 19:21:23 EDT 2009

Seeking advice and opinions ...



I have an application that I wrote that reads the GnuCash XML file and
exports that data into an SQLite database.  From there, it performs
budgeting and reporting stuff against the SQLite database.


So, now that GnuCash has an SQLite backend, I'm thinking about my
options to remove the need to read and export the data from GnuCash into
a separate database.



My first question is - is it insane to want to have one data source?
Are the risks of messing something up are too great, so leave it as is?


Second question - if it isn't insane, then what changes can I make to
the GnuCash SQLite database without causing problems?  Can I add tables?
Can I add columns to the GnuCash tables?


Any other suggestions or opinions?



Brian Pelton

bpelton at <mailto:bpelton at> 


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