How to integrate with new SQL backend

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 11 20:12:35 EDT 2009


Quoting "Pelton, Brian" <bpelton at>:

> My first question is - is it insane to want to have one data source?

Not insane, but not necessarily a good idea..  Depends how the data
is to be shared.

> Are the risks of messing something up are too great, so leave it as is?

IMNSHO, yes.

> Second question - if it isn't insane, then what changes can I make to
> the GnuCash SQLite database without causing problems?


> Can I add tables?

MAYBE, but I wouldn't recommend it.

> Can I add columns to the GnuCash tables?


> Any other suggestions or opinions?

You can use the database as a readonly data source, but modifications
from outside GnuCash are not supported.


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