GnuCash OSX

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Jun 14 02:14:01 EDT 2009

On Jun 13, 2009, at 6:12 PM, Charles Day wrote:

> Me either... and as I recall, I couldn't build qt3-mac or qt4-mac  
> with MacPorts, so I don't even have a chance of trying to patch and  
> compile AqBanking against one of them.  :(

Oh, yeah... you mentioned MacPorts earlier... MacPorts (or Fink) and  
GTK-OSX aren't compatible. Fink and MacPorts drag a lot of extra stuff  
in that confuses GTK-OSX. It probably works in the opposite direction  
as well, though I haven't tried.

So if you're going to try to get aqbanking's GUI working on quartz,  
you'll have to get QT3-mac from Trolltech.

John Ralls

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