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Mon Jun 15 18:13:22 EDT 2009

On Jun 15, 2009, at 7:30 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:

> John Ralls <jralls at> writes:
> [snip]
>> Derek,
>> You do realize that this is working now and has been for well over a
>> year, right?
> Define "this"..  I know that we've had a build-your-own non-X11  
> GnuCash
> working for well over a year..  But that's not necessarily a portable
> GnuCash.App that we could build and distribute in a .dmg and let  
> people
> put it wherever they want.
>> And it isn't intel-only, it works just fine on PPC if built for that.
>> It just isn't a universal binary, meaning that the same build won't
>> work on both intel and ppc boxes. Until I can get the hard-coded  
>> paths
>> ironed out, it's not easily movable from the machine it's built on
>> anyway. (Though I was helping a guy build a couple of days ago, and  
>> he
>> thinks he got around that by just building the whole tree into /
>> Applications/ I haven't heard back  
>> from
>> him whether the installation actually transferred.)
> Yes, I understand that as well.  My point is that I think this is  
> okay,
> and if we get a huge call for a PPC package then someone can just take
> our automated build scripts (once we set them up) and set up a build  
> on
> a PPC based Mac.
>> Anyway, since you have a mac ready to go, the instructions are at
>> . Give it a try!
> There's too much "build by hand" here.  I'm looking for a simple
> that I can put into a crontab and have it build
> everything.  Not that I'm not willing to do some of this work myself  
> (I
> spent this whole weekend working on the win32 build system in order to
> automatically detect and build new release tags), but that web page
> seems way too interactive for my taste.
>> I don't think that the is really a problem. We just have a
>> and make can pick that up instead of when
>> GDK_QUARTZ is true.
> Um, sure.. I guess that works...  We sorta do that on Win32, where we
> set up a gnucash.bat that then calls gnucash-bin.  So effectively  
> we're
> doing that now for Win32, I don't see why we couldn't do it for
> gnucash-osx as well.
>> Anyway, on to details. The patches that are currently published are
>> for 2.2.6, but you'd probably prefer to skip over that and patch
>> current. I can prepare patches for that pretty easily. Do you prefer
>> to get them here or on bugzilla? We're probably looking at a week or
>> so before I get to it... I want to get the gtk-osx framework builds
>> working a bit better and release the binaries before I switch back to
>> working on gnucash.
> Yeah, we should work against trunk, not 2.2.
> There's no immediate rush on this -- it's been THIS long without it,
> another week can't hurt.  But I think it would be REALLY COOL if we
> could get the automated system up and running before 2.4.0!  Imagine a
> 2.4.0 release that had a .dmg installer!!!
> My issue is that although I have the build system available, I'm not a
> Mac User (or Mac Developer, or even a Mac Admin).


No worries about not being a mac user/dev/admin. This is plain-old- 
unix stuff.

Yes, an installable dmg is my goal, too. There's a bit of work still  
to get there. It's not necessary for getting a daily build going for  
testing purposes, though.

I don't think that there's all that much "build by hand", especially  
compared to the way it used to be. jhbuild/gtk-osx-build has been  
seriously wonderful in that regard. There's a bit of setup that you  
have to do once. After that, there are three commands to build gnucash  
the first time and one command (jhbuild buildone gnucash-svn) to run  

What's your target release date for 2.4?
What's your preference for getting the patches? Bugzilla, posted here,  
or something else?

John Ralls

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