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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 15 18:51:17 EDT 2009

Quoting John Ralls <jralls at>:

> Derek,
> No worries about not being a mac user/dev/admin. This is plain-old- 
> unix stuff.
> Yes, an installable dmg is my goal, too. There's a bit of work still  
> to get there. It's not necessary for getting a daily build going for  
> testing purposes, though.

I suppose... The question, however, is how to distribute the daily builds
if there isn't .dmg?  I suppose I could tar up the tree?

> I don't think that there's all that much "build by hand", especially  
> compared to the way it used to be. jhbuild/gtk-osx-build has been  
> seriously wonderful in that regard. There's a bit of setup that you  
> have to do once. After that, there are three commands to build 
> gnucash  the first time and one command (jhbuild buildone 
> gnucash-svn) to run  nightly.

One thing I think we want is the ability to specify the set of dependencies
on a per-tag, per-branch basis.  For example, the 2.2 dependencies are
different than the 2.4 dependencies, which I'm sure will be different than
the 2.6 dependencies.  So the build system needs to be able to support this.

Does jhbuild support this?  Can I support multiple sets of dependencies?
Another thing to think about is that we should be using released versions
of dependencies.  Again, I haven't really looked at the current process
to see if you pull down tarballs or pull from svn for the dependencies,
or if it's possible to specify specific versions.

Note that for any particular release branch we want a stable set of
dependencies, but for trunk it could be a moving target until we make
a release..  The win32 build tries to take this into account.  One thing
that we don't do (but would be nice if we did) is to 'package' the
built dependencies ourselves so we can just pull down our own prebuilds
instead of building from source every time...

> What's your target release date for 2.4?

According to 2.4.0 would
be August 3rd.

> What's your preference for getting the patches? Bugzilla, posted 
> here,  or something else?

Umm... Here.  Bugzilla.. Both?



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