GnuCash Documentation in PDF format

Clark webclark at
Wed Jun 17 21:20:34 EDT 2009


It got through, apparently successfully.  However when I save the 
attachment, Firefox says that it is a 9.2MB attachement, but stops 
saving it about 2/3 of the way through on the "save" progress indicator, 
and the resulting file is only 6.8MB.  When I try to open it with 
Acrobat 9, "Document Viewer", or Gimp, they all say that the file is 
damaged.  This does not seem like a mail problem to me.  I would think 
it would go through or not, not silently truncate.

Nevertheless, assuming it is a mail problem, could you split it with dd 
into two or three parts:

dd if=doc.pdf of=doc1.pdf bs=1048576 count=5
dd if=doc.pdf of=doc2.pdf bs=1048576 skip=5

and I can reconstitute it with cat.


With regard to the pictures being too big, can they be scaled?  If the 
problem is non-familiarity with how to scale an image, I could do that, 
and perhaps do some appropriate processing to minimize artifacts that 
would make it less legible.  Just tell me somehow how big you want it. 
Typically a PDF creator has options that say what resolution to print 
pictures at.  Then you decide how large you will make them physically 
(say 6.5" wide) and that tells us how many pixels across you want.

If you want me to do this, send me the image(s).  NOT compressed with as 
.jpg, as JPEG is a lossy algorithm.  Or if it is all you can do, select 
the highest quality factor. and disable color subsampling in the options 

Perhaps I can help here.

What about the user manual?  Is that a possibility?


Tom Browder wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 18:35, Clark<webclark at> wrote:
>> Yes, I would like the guide.  If the help manual could be built, that also.
>> What is the best way to get it?
> Ray, I can send you a copy of the guide.  If you saw earlier messages,
> note that many of the screenshot figures are too big (mainly too wide)
> and so do not look polished (although very legible if you don't print
> it).  It's still a work in progress.
> I'll send you a copy of the guide and see if it gets through.
> Regards,
> -Tom

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