Active row in OFX import dialog

Kevin Hale Boyes kcboyes at
Wed Jun 17 19:55:33 EDT 2009

When I do an OFX import I find that I'm wanting an indicator of which
row I'm currently processing.
I get the green rows that are auto matched or that are assigned to an account.
I get the yellow rows that are UNBALANCED and I get the
red rows that marked as "Do not import".  As an example, I double
click on a row and assign an
account and I come back to the transaction matcher window but I have
no indication of
what row I'm on.

I'd like to mark my current row somehow but I'm very new to GTK programming so
I don't even know if it's possible.  I don't want to colour the active
row but maybe surround it
with a (dashed) line.  Or maybe there's already a standard way to do
this in GTK applications.

I've looked at the code and traced it as far as this (which isn't very far):

I've opened in glade-2.
It defines the GtkDialog named transaction_matcher which contains a
GtkTreeView named downloaded_view.
It contains the list of transactions.  I can also see the properties
of the tree view in the properties panel but
there's nothing obvious that might help me.

So, my question is:  Is it possible to indicate my current row in the
transaction matcher dialog?
Would anyone be able to help me get a bit further?


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