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Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Mon Jun 22 13:43:04 EDT 2009

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Chris Dennis <cgdennis at> writes:
>> Secondly, I've created an eguile version of a balance sheet report.  The
>> layout is more to my taste than the standard one (I realise that there
>> are many ways to lay out a balance sheet.)  The report includes a way of
>> pre-processing a list of accounts into a structure that can be easily
>> dealt with by the eguile template, so this could be adapted for other
>> accounts-based reports.  balsheet-eg.scm is attached to bug 574582, and
>> so is a sample of its output.
> Might it make sense to add some of these pre-processing procedures that
> you expect to be shared into a shared file, like the report utilities?
> Reusable, shared code is a good thing..  Especially if it makes writing
> new reports easier.
> -derek

Yes, that's part of the plan, once a useful set of utilities emerges. 
Should they go into a separate file, such as 'eguile-utilities.scm'?  In 
fact, there could be more than one set: 'eguile-html-utilities.scm', 
'eguile-accrec-utilities.scm' etc.  Where should such files go? -- in 



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