Register bugs in bugzilla

Charles Day cedayiv at
Wed Jun 24 11:41:05 EDT 2009

I fine with that change if it suits David. However I have been almost
completely saturated with other work in the past few months and so unable to
contribute as actively as before. GnuCash bugs that I would have turned
around in 24 hours in the past are taking weeks now. So I just want to make
sure the expectations are not too high, since there are lots of outstanding
register bugs. This crunch will pass, though.
My other concern is that although I may have been the most active developer
in the register area over the past year, I really only know the bits I have
worked on, which is the stuff in register/ledger-core. I am fairly clueless
with register/register-core and register/register-gnome, though I have
dipped my toes for a couple of the display/redraw bugs.


On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 7:01 AM, Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at>wrote:

> Charles,
> you seem to be the person who has done the most work on the gnucash
> register code lately.  Do you want to be set as the default assignee or QA
> contact for the Register component?
> David, do you want to be removed?
> Phil

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