Scheduled Transactions as Unscheduled Templates

marcus.wolschon at marcus.wolschon at
Tue May 26 08:12:34 EDT 2009

How do you plan to change the XML-schema?

On Mon, 25 May 2009 21:42:16 +0200, Havard Rast Blok <nn2 at> wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
> Well, here's my first simple, but perhaps naive, suggestion:
> In the current "Frequency" tab of the "Edit Scheduled Transaction" 
> window, add an entry to the list of Frequencies: "Never". The rest of 
> the UI in that tab would then be disabled (gray?).
> To recall the template, use the current auto-complete functionality for 
> previous transactions. If the new Description auto-completes and matches 
> a template, bring up the window "Since Last run..." to enter the custom 
> fields. (Might want to rename the title of that window, though.)
> What do you think? Too simple? Confusing? Or worth a try?

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