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Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Wed Sep 16 07:21:55 EDT 2009


On Mittwoch, 16. September 2009, Dave ( wrote:
> Judging by your question, Martin, I assume you have missed all the "front
> page" news in the US about,, Quicken Oniine, Wesabe,
> etc.

No, I didn't miss the fact that those services exist (being the developer of 
libaqbanking's OFX DirectConnect client I know all to well at least about 

But from my understanding of privacy I couldn't get myself to give my 
financial data - not even transaction data - to a *website*...

And personally I fail to understand why other people would hand over their 
financial information to quite unknown third parties...

As to the core of your question: If I understand correctly wesabe already lets 
you upload your financial transactions and stuff quite automatically, right? 

So are you asking for a way to get your information from wasebe to GnuCash or 
do you want GnuCash to mimic the firefox addon for the purpose of gathering 
and then uploading your information to wesabe?


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