Polish translation updated

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Tue Sep 22 14:45:40 EDT 2009

Dear Jacek,

Am Dienstag, 22. September 2009 08:12 schrieb Cristian Marchi:
> > Second: There was no way to translate one string for menu option
> > 'Online Banking' in Preferences Dialog. Maybe there is some error to
> > check.

where exactly did that happen? Maybe you can send in a screenshot?

> > P.S. I will try in a next days to translate also account's files. Can
> > someone tell me what I need to do to see my changes after code
> > compiling? I mean - I put new Polish folder in a accounts folder
> > and... what else to do to place this new folder in a KDevelop project
> > so that it could be compiled?
> Can't comment on this two last question. I hope someone more expert than
> me will jump in.

It's a bit complicated to add a new language to the account templates. Here 
are the steps for language pl:

1. Add your new directory as accounts/pl/ and add your translated files there
2. Add a file accounts/pl/Makefile.am which contains a list of those files 
that you've just added. Just take e.g. accounts/de/Makefile.am as example.
3. Add your new language code into the file accounts/Makefile.am in the line 
with all the language codes, preferrably sorted alphabetically
4. Add a line saying accounts/pl/Makefile (without the .am suffix) in the file 
configure.in somewhere around line 1520 in the long list of */Makefile files, 
preferrably also sorted alphabetically.

Now, when you run the "make" command again, a long list of different commands 
will be run automatically, and sometime later (5-10 minutes is normal), the 
next "make install" will also copy your newly added account templates to the 
correct location.



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