Polish translation updated

Cristian Marchi cri79 at libero.it
Tue Sep 22 13:47:30 EDT 2009

Your translation was committed to rev18329.

Thanks for your contribution!

I also checked the account folder and I think you also have to add the
folder name (e.g. "pl") to the file makefile.am in the "/accounts"
directory. It is possible, but I can't confirm, that is needed a "make
clean" command, prior to compiling again, to ensure that the new
directory get caught during the make process. Let me know if that worked.


Cristian Marchi ha scritto:
> Jacek Baszkiewicz ha scritto:
>> Hi Team!
>> I've just finished my work with Polish .po file (with a glossary).
> Thanks, I will commit in the next hours.
>> Two things. First: I've started my work few months ago before the 
>> string freeze and that's why references to .c files in comments are 
>> out-of-date. I didn't find the way to correct it automatically.
> To solve this I will use the command msgmerge in linux: e.g. "msgmerge 
> -o merged.po old.po latest.po" (where old.po is your translated po 
> file and latest.po is the latest version of pl.po found on svn-trunk; 
> the result will be saved on the file merged.po that will be renamed in 
> pl.po to be commited)
>> Second: There was no way to translate one string for menu option 
>> 'Online Banking' in Preferences Dialog. Maybe there is some error to 
>> check.
>> Greetings to all
>> Jacek Baszkiewicz
>> P.S. I will try in a next days to translate also account's files. Can 
>> someone tell me what I need to do to see my changes after code 
>> compiling? I mean - I put new Polish folder in a accounts folder 
>> and... what else to do to place this new folder in a KDevelop project 
>> so that it could be compiled?
> Can't comment on this two last question. I hope someone more expert 
> than me will jump in.
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