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I tried a build last night with deprecated gnome/glib/gtk/gdk/... features disabled.  I submitted a patch for one simple change.  GnomeDruid (libgnomeui) is deprecated in favor of GtkAssistant.  I logged a bug for this one.  GtkTooltips is deprecated in favor of GtkTooltip.  However, there are comments in the code to the effect that some needed features aren't in Gtk (tooltip on each item of a combo box).  Others, as Derek says, are dependencies of our dependencies.

Re major versions: 2.4 will have the new db backend and webkit instead of gtkhtml.  I think 2.6 should have new reports (Chris Dennis' eguile-based reports) and register rewrite.


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Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> writes:

> What's the state of these libraries in GnuCash ? If I run an ldd on the 2.3.5 
> binary, it still links to most of these libraries.

Many of these libraries are used indirectly (e.g., they are dependencies
of our dependencies).  However I know the register DOES use the gnome
canvas.  Which means the Register Rewrite branch needs to complete
before this move can finish.

> I'm just thinking out loud here. Gnome 2.30 or 2.32 will become Gnome 3.0 
> according to the release notes. This means Gnome 3.0 will hit some major 
> distributions in about 1 year. So in about 1 year there will be gnome 
> installations that no longer carry these deprecated libraries, and hence break 
> GnuCash as it is now.
> GnuCash in working towards a new major release (2.4). Personally, I don't 
> expect GnuCash to do another major release in a one year timeframe. And I 
> assume a minor release is not the proper place to go on changing library 
> dependencies.
> So I was wondering, is the 2.4 release not the best time to remove GnuCash' 
> dependency on these deprecated libraries ?

I don't think we should worry about this for 2.4.  HOWEVER I do think
that AFTER 2.4 we should try to finish the register rewrite and perform
a gnome-3 migration for a future GnuCash 2.6 or 3.0.

> Geert


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