How to setup gconf data

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Sep 28 16:37:07 EDT 2009

Am Montag, 28. September 2009 22:26 schrieb Colin Law:
> >> > I have added a checkbox to the preferences, register dialog and
> >> > entered the data for the gconf key in
> >> >  I have done a full rebuild and everything works except that the key
> >> > is not being initialised 
> >
> > Sorry, I've got only some random ideas:
> > - "make install" so that the .schemas file is built and installes
> > - restarting gconf
> I had done make install, and have rebooted in fact.  Should the new
> key appear in gconf before gnucash is run?  It does not appear until I
> open the preferences dialog and change the new key, and then it does
> not have the descriptions I have put in the schema.  I have examined
> the schema data and cannot see anything wrong. 

Then I can only think of the install prefix of gnucash which might be 
different from where gconf expects its .schemas file. Other than that I alos 
don't know of anything. Anyone else?


> Perhaps I should tweak 
> one of the strings on one of the other keys and see if gconf picks
> that up, that will tell me whether I have a problem with picking up
> the schema or with what I have put in it.
> I did not really want to have to learn about how gconf works at this
> time, I have enough I am trying to pick up.  I may have no choice
> however.
> Colin

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