[translation] Why are locale specific reports registered in po file?

Yasuaki Taniguchi/谷口康明 yasuakit at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 08:18:56 EDT 2010

Hello, developers.

I wonder why entries of locale specific reports (ex. US tax reports)
are registered in po files?
I think they are not only meaningless but also harmful. So they should
be removed from po files and
they are written in the original locale language.
The reasons are as follows.

(1) A person, who lives in US but prefer Japanese as usual, can't use
US tax reports because
some entries of tax reports are displayed in Japanese.
Many users don't know how to change a locale of GnuCash dynamically.

(2) A person who lives out of US doesn't use US tax report at all. So
translation is not necessary.

(3) Translators may do extra unnecessary works.

(4) If translators find msgids of locale specific reports should not
be translated, some common
words like "Account" are translated on locale specific reports and
they can't avoid it.

I attach an example of a US tax report with LANG=ja, and you will
understand what is strange.
Would you please consider it?
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