[translation] Why are locale specific reports registered in po file?

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Thu Apr 1 10:05:52 EDT 2010

Zitat von Yasuaki Taniguchi/???? <yasuakit at gmail.com>:
> I wonder why entries of locale specific reports (ex. US tax reports)
> are registered in po files?
> I think they are not only meaningless but also harmful. So they should
> be removed from po files and
> they are written in the original locale language.

Yes, you are most probably right.

I think the reason why they are still in there is that it is still  
rather unclear how to handle this sort of features. In theory they are  
not language-dependent but rather country-dependent, but in the  
context of gnucash we never really thought this through. Currently,  
the U.S. tax report is shown as a menu item in any language (except  
de_DE if --enable-locale-specific-tax was enabled), which means it  
should display something meaningful in non-english languages as well.  
However, we should change this behaviour so that either the report  
appears in the menu only in english locales, or that non-english  
languages show some meaningful explanation as for why the report  
itself will be in english only. In any case I agree the report itself  
should be in english only, so we should remove the translation macros  
from there.



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