How to translate .schemas string (Whether or not translate the string in the quote?)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Apr 26 06:54:07 EDT 2010

Dear Tao,

this particular string is one of the examples for really bad UI  
wording, but it is almost invisible anyway. The string is from one of  
the .schemas file, isn't it? (Please try to give the source code  
location as well if you ask questions about a string.) In that case,  
the string will almost certainly never be shown inside of gnucash, but  
only inside the gconf-editor when the user wants to set particular  
gconf keys of gnucash. However, the wording of the explanation is  
problematic as well because the text talks about "the start_date key",  
but the normal user almost certainly doesn't know what a "key" is, let  
alone what the "start_date" key should be (it's one of the other  
gnucash settings that appear in gconf-editor).

In this particular case, the strings in quotes should *not* be  
translated, as the gconf key in question must be set to the string  
exactly as written in quotes.

BUT for your translation work you should keep in mind that this string  
as well as all the others from the .schemas file will probably never  
be visible inside gnucash, so they are clearly less important for  
normal gnucash users.

Unfortunatly because the string was defined within a .schemas file, it  
is not possible for us to add a translator's comment there as well.  
You as translator have to know that strings from .schemas file have  
this particular properties (i.e. not visible inside gnucash) and  
consider them in lower priority on your own.



Zitat von Dancefire <dancefire at>:
> ----------------------------
> This setting controls the type of starting date used in profit/loss
> calculations. If set to \"absolute\" then GnuCash will retrieve the
> starting date specified by the start_date key. If set to anything
> else, GnuCash will retrieve the starting date specified by the
> start_period key.
> ----------------------------
> Should "absolute" be translated or not? Based on the context, it looks
> like might not be translated. However, the hint is too weak. Do you
> have any hint of how to control whether or not translate those kind of
> strings in quote? Or, could you put some comments on such strings in
> GnuCash which the word in the quote should not be translated for
> translators? Thanks.
> --
> Regards
> Tao Wang

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