Updated it translation for website

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Thu Aug 5 12:32:07 EDT 2010

On Thursday 5 August 2010, Cristian Marchi wrote:
> Ok! thank you!
> As we are talking about website and translations I would like to know if
> it's possible to translate also the release notes published on every new
> release.
I believe there is code in place to look for translations when displaying the 
news items.

You can find all the news items in gnucash-htdocs/news. Each item is a 
separate file. To have a translation, you can
* take a news file
* translate it

The translated file should then be added to gnucash-htdocs/news/<yourlanguage> 
with the same name as the original file.

If you have translations, you can send them to the list, I or another dev with 
write access can then add them in the appropriate place.


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