Updated it translation for website

Cristian Marchi cri79 at libero.it
Fri Aug 6 13:51:45 EDT 2010

I have one translation of the latest release news. Can you please add it 
to svn "it" folder just to test out that all is working fine?

Thanks in advance

Il 05/08/2010 18:32, Geert Janssens ha scritto:
> On Thursday 5 August 2010, Cristian Marchi wrote:
>> Ok! thank you!
>> As we are talking about website and translations I would like to know if
>> it's possible to translate also the release notes published on every new
>> release.
> I believe there is code in place to look for translations when displaying the
> news items.
> You can find all the news items in gnucash-htdocs/news. Each item is a
> separate file. To have a translation, you can
> * take a news file
> * translate it
> The translated file should then be added to gnucash-htdocs/news/<yourlanguage>
> with the same name as the original file.
> If you have translations, you can send them to the list, I or another dev with
> write access can then add them in the appropriate place.
> Geert
> .
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