aqbanking5 support of gnucash

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Fri Aug 13 01:41:25 EDT 2010


On Donnerstag 12 August 2010, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Am Thursday 12 August 2010 schrieb Martin Preuss:
> > However, it should be fairly easy to adapt to the Gtk2Gui provided by
> > gwen: - create the Gtk2Gui object
> This should just give the correct picture for anyone who wants to deal with
> that task. After all, the task might be solved within 2-3 days of work...
> volunteers, anyone?

If you could start with these steps:
- create a GWEN_GUI object at plugin init time
- create and init an AqBanking object at plugin init time

...then I could take over from there. As I said this could already be done for 
AqBanking4, and in this case GnuCash could already benefit from AqBanking's 
certificate cache etc.

The next step would be to just modify the code which creates the GWEN_GUI 
object to now create a Gtk2Gui instead of the standard GUI object. Since this 
is no structural change to the plugin I could do that.


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