First look at Guide update

Tom Bullock tbullock at
Fri Aug 13 12:19:57 EDT 2010


Until I get past my xml validation problem, my patch is delayed.

As stated in a previous email I have created an interim wiki page as a 
vehicle to make the information available to all users until such time 
as it can be integrated into the Tutorial and  Concepts Guide.

To access the information, use this URL:
Please give reactions as you have time and see the need.

Before working on any additional updates to the Guide I intend to 
complete these items:
a)  correct the xml validation problem in the current patch effort
b)  move to the point of creating a patch and presenting it in bugzilla
c)  completing the review of the stated changes on from 
version 2.2 thru current
d)  start a review all changes revealed by svn log for code and 
e)  integrate items c) and d) findings and submit those for developer 
review and prioritization
f)   from e) should come a plan for ongoing documentation development

In all these steps I expect input from any who are willing and 
interested to do so.

I will be on vacation 8/25 thru 8/31 and not paying much attention to 
emails or to the lists.

Tom Bullock

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