Best location to place interim Guide information

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Mon Aug 16 12:33:59 EDT 2010

On Monday 16 August 2010, Thomas Bullock wrote:
> Derek Atkins [warlord at MIT.EDU] writes:
> <snip>
> Why not use ???
> </snip>
> Answer:  I did not know it existed, just one of many I expect that I have
>  not discovered yet.  I just looked at and I see two possible objections:
>  a) it is a protected page and not changeable by just anyone, so who would
>  change this page?, and b) it covers many topics and my hope was to focus
>  on just the Guide updates as they were being pre-viewed.
I think you misunderstood Derek here.

The link he posts is the front page of the gnucash wiki, and the only one 
protected for editing. You can easily create new pages in this wiki (once you 
have applied for a username and password).

Only if you wish to link these pages to the front page, you'd have to ask a 
dev. This is mainly done to limit spam on the wiki.

Personally I think the gnucash wiki is the preferred location for interim 
guide information. It is *the* wiki where gnucash related information is kept 
both for developers as for users. Just like wikipedia, it uses MediaWiki as 
the wiki engine, so you can use the same syntax rules you used on wikipedia.

I'd suggest you just start a page and publish it's link via the mailing lists. 
I can link it on the front page as well if you like. If there's more 
information than fits one page, feel free to split it up on multiple pages, 
and simply add links between them.


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