Best location to place interim Guide information

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Thanks, John.  I appreciate the tip and the note to search.


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> Derek Atkins [warlord at MIT.EDU] writes:
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> Why not use ???
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> Answer:  I did not know it existed, just one of many I expect that I have not discovered yet.  I just looked at and I see two possible objections: a) it is a protected page and not changeable by just anyone, so who would change this page?, and b) it covers many topics and my hope was to focus on just the Guide updates as they were being pre-viewed.
> Of course these can be gotten around.
> I have copied the developer's list to include them in any discussion of a preferred way to present new information.

The page Derek pointed you at is the wiki's start page, so of course it's protected. There are lots of editable pages in the wiki -- otherwise it wouldn't be a wiki, would it? Searching for "Guide" brings up 6 pages of "Concept Guide draft/Foo" from 2006, probably the last effort like yours, and which is an overview page. I think you can probably take those over and do what you will with them.

John Ralls

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