AW: 2.3.14/AqBanking: config folder changed

Jannick Asmus at
Tue Aug 17 07:56:02 EDT 2010

Christian Stimming wrote:
> Zitat von Jannick Asmus < at>:
>> I am using (and testing) version 2.3.14 on WinVista. After
>> installation all (!) config data for aqbanking are not available any
>> more, since 2.3.14 refers to a folder different from this one for
>> 2.2.9.
> Which version number upgrade combination are you referring to? An
> upgrade from 2.3.13 -> 2.3.14 does *not* introduce any aqbanking
> version change (it's still aqbanking-4.2.3) and thus also no change in
> config file location. Which upgrade do you mean?

What I did is the new installation of 2.3.14 into a new folder in 
~/programs on my WinVista machine where previously 2.2.9 was installed. 
As far as I can understand this was no upgrade but an installation from 

Does this piece of info help you?


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