Re: May I use gnucash2.3.14 everyday?

James Feng fengjiongming at
Tue Aug 17 21:37:31 EDT 2010

YES! :-)

I am the new user of gnucash today! Wow


On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:19 PM, Christian Stimming <stimming at>wrote:

> Zitat von James Feng <fengjiongming at>:
>  hi, I am a quicken user. Now I want to use linux + gnucash. May I use
>> gnucash2.3.14 everyday?
> I think different developers would currently answer differently here. My
> take:
> *Yes*, you can use 2.3.15 (released today) for everyday work, as long as
> you stick to "Save as XML file" as storage format (which is the default for
> new files and when continuing with old data files). I think there are still
> some things to be tested in the other (new) storage formats (sqlite3 file,
> mysql database, postgresql database). Apart from this storage format issue,
> in my opinion there is nothing that should prevent using 2.3.15 in normal
> use by now.
> There are still some minor user interface issues and missing translations
> in the remaining 2.3.x releases, but those are only slightly annoying and
> will not cause any real data loss problems.
> Best Regards,
> Christian

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