Request for string freeze brakes

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Aug 26 06:10:55 EDT 2010

Dear Yasuaki Taniguchi,

thank you very much for finding these bugs in the translation. I agree  
all three patches should be applied immediately. As you wrote, two of  
them will make new strings appear in the po files, but right now the  
strings are untranslated in the program altogether, so we can only  
improve this. These are the known exceptions which are allowed during  
string freeze phase as well.

@Devs: Feel free to commit the patches immediately; I don't know when  
I will have SVN access next time.

Best Regards,


Zitat von Yasuaki Taniguchi/???? <yasuakit at>:
> Hello, developers.
> I'd like to request two string breaks and one additional translatable mark.
> One is on the price editor. See price-editor-untranslatable-label.PNG
> and priceeditor-glade.patch.
> Namespace: is not marked translatable.
> Another is about a tip for account editor window. The label
> "Edit->Income tax Options" was
> changed to "Edit->Tax Report Options" but an old msgid remains on tip.
> A patch for fixing this problem is priceeditor-glade.patch.
> The last is on the Tax Table. The label "_Edit" is not marked
> translatable but it should
> be. A patch is tax-table-glade.patch. This doesn't break string freeze
> because the label "_Edit" is
> used at the other place.
> Best regards,
> --
> Yasuaki Taniguchi
>   yasuakit at

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