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Sat Aug 28 01:05:49 EDT 2010

On 2010-08-27, at 11:02, Derek Atkins wrote:

>> [...]
> Nope, just take the changeset and apply it to all active branches at the
> same time.  You can do this in multiple ways:
> 1) You can just apply it to all branches at once
> 2) You can apply it to trunk and then "backport" the changeset to the
>   other active branches.
> 3) You can have a "feature" branch that includes the changes and then
>   merge that branch into all the active branches.

Ah, OK. That clarifies things a lot. I'll base my patches off of (tag) 2.2.1 and forward-port (merge them) to trunk. I chose 2.2.1 as my earliest supported version because (1) it's the latest tag before trunk and (2) I figure everyone is using 2.2.9 by now anyway. If/when we open up other branches somewhere between 2.2.1 and trunk, I'll make sure to forward-port my patches cleanly to those.



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