Version references in documentation

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sat Aug 28 04:18:08 EDT 2010

On Saturday 28 August 2010, Yawar Amin wrote:
> On 2010-08-27, at 11:02, Derek Atkins wrote:
> >> [...]
> >
> > Nope, just take the changeset and apply it to all active branches at the
> > same time.  You can do this in multiple ways:
> >
> > 1) You can just apply it to all branches at once
> > 2) You can apply it to trunk and then "backport" the changeset to the
> >   other active branches.
> > 3) You can have a "feature" branch that includes the changes and then
> >   merge that branch into all the active branches.
> Ah, OK. That clarifies things a lot. I'll base my patches off of (tag)
>  2.2.1 and forward-port (merge them) to trunk. I chose 2.2.1 as my earliest
>  supported version because (1) it's the latest tag before trunk and (2) I
>  figure everyone is using 2.2.9 by now anyway. If/when we open up other
>  branches somewhere between 2.2.1 and trunk, I'll make sure to forward-port
>  my patches cleanly to those.
> Thanks,
> Yawar
Heh, contrary to your view, I tend to use trunk as the master branch and 
backport relevant changes from there. There is currently no branch for the 2.2 
documentation release. I'll create it soon and then backport everything from 
trunk that makes sense.


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