r18581 - gnucash/trunk - Bug #607522: Add ADDRESS to check printing

Jan Arne Petersen jap at gnome.org
Tue Feb 2 04:32:31 EST 2010


On 02/01/2010 11:06 PM, Derek Atkins wrote:
>>> This patch is bad.  It breaks EXTRA_DIST so what you distribute is based
>>> on what Gtk version you have.  Bad Bad Bad!  you must always distribute
>>> all the check files, not just the check files you personally need!
>> That is not true. The above Makefile.am distributes all check files. See
>> http://www.gnu.org/software/hello/manual/automake/Conditional-Sources.html#Conditional-Sources
> That page specifically says you still have to include all the files in
> EXTRA_*, which your patch removes!  I quote from that page:
>    Any files that are only conditionally built should be listed in the
>    appropriate EXTRA_ variable.

Yes, but here we use Automake Conditionals and not substitutions from
configure.ac (where the above would be true because Automake could not
determine which files need to be distributed). I quote from that page:

> Conditional Compilation using Automake Conditionals
> An often simpler way to compile source files conditionally is to use
> Automake conditionals. For instance, you could use this Makefile.am
> construct to build the same hello example:
> bin_PROGRAMS = hello
> if LINUX
> hello_SOURCES = hello-linux.c hello-common.c
> else
> hello_SOURCES = hello-generic.c hello-common.c
> endif
> In this case, configure.ac should setup the LINUX conditional using
> AM_CONDITIONAL (see Conditionals).
> When using conditionals like this you don't need to use the EXTRA_
> variable, because Automake will examine the contents of each variable
> to construct the complete list of source files.

You can also just try "make dist" with my patch (or look at the
generated Makefile), to see that all files are really distributed.

Best regards,
Jan Arne Petersen

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