Tester's dilemma - I want to test GnuCash thoroughly, but don't risk corrupting my data...

trythis grahamlane at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 09:40:44 EST 2010

Tom Van Braeckel wrote:
> So there seems to be a trade-off between testing thoroughly and
> frequently,
> and avoiding data loss...
> What are your strategies for testing and using GnuCash (at the same time),
> while avoiding serious risks ?
> -devel
I am probably too much of a rookie to reply to this, but what the heck.

I would as a trial, create 2 folders on my system. I would copy my good,
functional file to the second folder. I would start working from that one.
Test/work at the same time for a predetermined amount of time. Say 1/2 hour.
At the half hour point I would save the file in both folders, overwriting
the file in folder one. Get back to work, but make sure to be using the file
in folder 2.
Then say, you hit a crash or get massive corruption. Then copy the file from
folder one back to folder 2 (overwriting the file). Restart using the folder
2 file and run log files from folder 2 that post date the file saved in
folder one except the the last one, or however far you forward you think the
error was made. Then, when you think it is safe save the file back to both
folders, maybe as a different name, and continue to work from the file in
folder 2. rinse, repeat.

This way, you get to keep working and testing but basically keep a backup
every half hour. saving as a differnt name keeps the older file in case the
corruption was hidden way back.

There is probably a way to automate this, but I have no idea how.

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