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Sat Feb 6 13:29:55 EST 2010

--On February 6, 2010 6:19:49 PM +0100 Christian Stimming 
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> Am Samstag, 6. Februar 2010 schrieb Greg Washington:
>> I am blind and use the JAWS screen reading program.  Is Newcash
>> accessible to screen reading programs?
> Unfortunately this is not the case. The program is not (yet) designed
> for non- GUI usage. Sorry for that.

JAWS is not non-GUI, it uses sound and keyboard commands to navigate 
the GUI.  The real question is whether the X-window package used by 
GnuCash on Windows is JAWS compatible.  I rather suspect not, but I 
don't use GnuCash on Windows so I don't really know.  In a former 
lifetime I was responsible for JAWS support in a Windows application 
(Arbortext's Epic document system).  Making it work well requires 
adding lots of obscure COM interfaces to the application.  This would 
require significant changes to the Windows version of GnuCash.  Even if 
it does work with JAWS it won't work well.

By the way, ask JAWS to spell GnuCash.  It isn't what you think.


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