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Sat Feb 6 14:38:15 EST 2010

I appreciate the quick responses about "gnucash" accessibility.  I was 
wondering about gnucash because Quicken is not very JAWS friendly either and 
I was hoping for a better alternative.

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> --On February 6, 2010 6:19:49 PM +0100 Christian Stimming 
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>> Am Samstag, 6. Februar 2010 schrieb Greg Washington:
>>> I am blind and use the JAWS screen reading program.  Is Newcash
>>> accessible to screen reading programs?
>> Unfortunately this is not the case. The program is not (yet) designed
>> for non- GUI usage. Sorry for that.
> JAWS is not non-GUI, it uses sound and keyboard commands to navigate the 
> GUI.  The real question is whether the X-window package used by GnuCash on 
> Windows is JAWS compatible.  I rather suspect not, but I don't use GnuCash 
> on Windows so I don't really know.  In a former lifetime I was responsible 
> for JAWS support in a Windows application (Arbortext's Epic document 
> system).  Making it work well requires adding lots of obscure COM 
> interfaces to the application.  This would require significant changes to 
> the Windows version of GnuCash.  Even if it does work with JAWS it won't 
> work well.
> By the way, ask JAWS to spell GnuCash.  It isn't what you think.
>               Mike

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