Some cleanup in the source ?

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sat Feb 6 16:36:21 EST 2010

Today I was in housecleaning mode, just idly browsing through the GnuCash 

I stumbled upon some rather old things and I wonder if some cleanup is in 

* GNOME2_STATUS: this file was originally used in the migration effort to 
Gnome 2 (during the GnuCash 1.9.x releases) but rapidly replaced by proper bug 
reporting. As the port to Gnome 2 is quite some time ago, I don't think this 
file still makes sense. Can I remove it ?

* src/backend/postgres: IIRC this backend hasn't worked for years and will be 
superceded with the dbi backend. Keeping it around for academic reasons 
shouldn't be necessary, svn history can always recover it. Can this be removed 

* Same thing for  contrib/pgsql-1.8-import.
  1. the pgsql backend which it targets no longer works and will be replaced
     with the dbi backend
  2. the dbi backend comes with conversion routines between file and db
  => This script is clearly obsolete. Remove ?

* src/count.dat, src/count.gplot, src/ are in the src directory. Don't 
they rather belong in util or in contrib ? They are not related to 
building/developing gnucash so they don't seem to make sense in src directly. 
Moving them out of the way would reduce the clutter IMHO.

* src/valgrind*supp and splint.h. Similar to the count* files, they are not 
normally used for building GnuCash, but rather only for debugging purposes. 
Wouldn't it make sense if they went in a separate directory, eg util/debug or 
contrib/debug or src/debug ? This may have implications the the makefiles 
though so perhaps this may not be a good idea.

* gnucash.lsm. I learned that this is a datasheet for the "Linux Software Map" 
( It is however ancient (entry for GnuCash 1.4.9, of 
1999 !) and GnuCash is currently no longer listed on LSM. Questions:
  1. do we care to be listed on lsm ? If so, I'll update the datasheet and
     mail it for inclusion. Otherwise, I'd suggest removal.
  2. Even if we care, is contrib not a better place for this file ?


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