Some cleanup in the source ?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Feb 7 05:47:32 EST 2010

Dear Geert,

basically all of your proposals are good. Just go ahead :-)

Zitat von Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at>:
> * GNOME2_STATUS: this file was originally used in the migration effort to
> Gnome 2 (during the GnuCash 1.9.x releases) but rapidly replaced by  
> proper bug
> reporting. As the port to Gnome 2 is quite some time ago, I don't think this
> file still makes sense. Can I remove it ?


> * src/backend/postgres: IIRC this backend hasn't worked for years and will be
> superceded with the dbi backend. Keeping it around for academic reasons
> shouldn't be necessary, svn history can always recover it. Can this  
> be removed ?
> * Same thing for  contrib/pgsql-1.8-import.
>   1. the pgsql backend which it targets no longer works and will be replaced
>      with the dbi backend
>   2. the dbi backend comes with conversion routines between file and db
>   => This script is clearly obsolete. Remove ?

Yes, and yes.

> * src/count.dat, src/count.gplot, src/ are in the src  
> directory. Don't
> they rather belong in util or in contrib ? They are not related to
> building/developing gnucash so they don't seem to make sense in src directly.
> Moving them out of the way would reduce the clutter IMHO.


> * src/valgrind*supp and splint.h. Similar to the count* files, they are not
> normally used for building GnuCash, but rather only for debugging purposes.
> Wouldn't it make sense if they went in a separate directory, eg util/debug or
> contrib/debug or src/debug ? This may have implications the the makefiles
> though so perhaps this may not be a good idea.

If possible, a separate sub-directory would indeed be better.

> * gnucash.lsm. I learned that this is a datasheet for the "Linux  
> Software Map"
> ( It is however ancient (entry for GnuCash 1.4.9, of
> 1999 !) and GnuCash is currently no longer listed on LSM. Questions:
>   1. do we care to be listed on lsm ? If so, I'll update the datasheet and
>      mail it for inclusion. Otherwise, I'd suggest removal.

I don't care, and I don't think any of the current developers care as  
well (which might be the reason for the outdated file). Can be removed.



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