Account stopped rendering

Michael Brade brade at
Sun Feb 7 06:37:49 EST 2010


I am running Debian unstable with Gnucash 2.2.9. Since Dec, 6th, my cash 
account stopped being rendered when opened. The tab is still shown with the 
title "Bargeld", the headers of the table inside are all there (like Date, 
Num, Description, etc.) and so is the footer (with Present, Future, etc.). 
However, the contents are empty, nothing is drawn. If I switch to another tab 
and back the contents of the old tab are left unchanged in the new view.

I thought it was just a bug in one debian build but it hasn't changed ever 
since. Now I found out that I can scroll up and entries are shown properly up 
until 04/12/2008. Everything after the following entry is not rendered 
anymore. I have had a look at the xml but cannot find anything obviously wrong. 
Now I have compiled the current svn but still no luck, the same bug shows up.

Can anyone tell me how to debug this? Or do you know how to fix this? Do you 
need more information?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Please CC me, I'm not on the list (yet).


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