Please back out r18428 - editable 2nd date field

Jeff Kletsky gnucash at
Sat Feb 13 11:34:46 EST 2010

I have to strongly second this request. In my opinion, this is a 
"half-complete" feature.

At a minimum, until there is a preference setting available, in my 
opinion, this should not be part of the trunk.

Arguably, until sorting and searching is also available on the new 
field, similar to the other fields in the UI with similar display and 
prominence, it should not be revealed in the UI in trunk.

I also prefer that the default should "off" -- this feature seems to 
represent a strange mix of cash and accrual accounting that complicates 
the register views and generally reduces their usability.


On 2/13/10 3:45 AM, Kim Wood wrote:
> The has been some discussion in the user forum at
> about patch r18428.  IMHO this patch is particularly bad and should be
> removed for two reasons.
> Firstly, in double line register display mode, the two dates displayed 
> for
> each transaction produces an extremely confusing display to the user.  
> It is
> not at all obvious what the second date's purpose is - and there is no
> option to disable it.
> Secondly, the editable second date filed allows manipulation of the
> underlying transaction data.  GUI manipulation of transaction creation 
> date
> data surely sets a dangerous precedent.
> I understand the patch writer James Raehl was seeking some additional
> transaction functionality - but the result is a cluttered and confusing
> register, with no option to turn off the second date filed.  I believe 
> that
> it harms the users experience of the interface rather than enhancing it.
> Can this patch be backed out until such time there is an option 
> provided to
> disable it?  I believe that the default position is that the option 
> should
> be turned off.
> Am I alone in thinking that the register in double line mode now looks 
> less
> user friendly?
> Regards,
> Kim Wood

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