PATCH: Sort SX vars, add bzr support to gnc-svnversion, rm outdated bits from README

Jesse Weinstein jesse at
Tue Feb 16 05:29:54 EST 2010

Sorry about mixing three patches in one; I don't (yet) know how to make
bzr separate them.  I'll do it by hand if requested, though.

All three of these patches are tiny, less than 10 lines for each.  

First, I modified the sx variable handling code to sort the variables
when it turns them into a list, for display in the "Since Last Run..."

In the process of getting gnucash to build, I found that I needed to add
bzr support to gnc-svnversion, so that's the second patch.

Also, I noticed that README referred to a non-existent file, so per a
suggestion on IRC, I took the reference out.

Let me know if these would be of interest, and/or if I should submit
them in a different way.

As for licensing, I hereby give up any copyright interest I may have in
them, and release them to the public domain, e.g.

Jesse Weinstein
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