GtkHtml causes Windows build to crash

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Tue Feb 16 06:13:13 EST 2010

The switch to GtkHtml seems to cause the Windows build to crash on any attempt 
to open a report. Reports that were still open when GnuCash was closed just 
before the update seem to cause this as well.

See bugreports

I originally created this problem by having the windows build script use 
GtkHtml instead of Webkit. I did this to further (Printer font too small when 
using Webkit).

But obviously in the current state, the Windows build is worse off with 
GtkHtml than with Webkit.

How do I proceed best from here ? I'm not very good at debugging on Windows (I 
don't have a build environment on Windows), so I doubt I can manage to debug 
this crash.

I can revert my change, and set Webkit back as the html renderer. At least 
that will eliminate the crash.

But according to bug #591177, the 2.4 release on windows should be using 
GtkHtml. So simply reverting to Webkit is only pushing the problem ahead of us 
in the future.


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