Recent problem: typing separator char ignored

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Feb 25 03:15:04 EST 2010

Zitat von Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at>:

> Has anyone else noticed this problem recently with trunk when entering
> the account for a split?  I enter "A" "s" and it shows "ASsets:current
> assets" (capital letter show current match and then lower case show
> potential typeahead).  Before a few days ago, ":" "C" would complete
> selection of "Assets" and start on "Current assets".  However now, it
> doesn't complete the match.

It does? This can very well be caused by r18713. If in doubt, please  
revert r18713 locally and see whether the issue disappears. If this is  
the cause, please (someone) revert r18713 in svn and re-open  
bug#605802 ("Input of Japanese characters") with a clear description  
of your problem so that the original contributor can fix that one as  
well. I already had some iterations with him because I noticed similar  
problems in other columns of the register already, and he readily  
fixed each of them one by one.

Seems like the correct usage of the Asian character input methods in  
the context of our register is rather complex. :-(


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