PATCH: Turn on documentation for static functions, and use AUTOBRIEF

Jesse Weinstein jesse at
Thu Feb 25 03:43:03 EST 2010

There are two Doxygen options which are currently off, that probably
ought to be on.  

The first is EXTRACT_STATIC, which causes Doxygen to actually show all
the static functions we've so carefully documented.  Currently, the
documentation for them is simply invisible (at least from the Doxygen

The second is slightly more controversial -- JAVADOC_AUTOBRIEF.  It
causes Doxygen to treat the first sentence of the documentation as a
brief summary, and display it as such (inline, in lists, etc.)  Without
it, such brief summaries need to be explicitly marked with the @brief
command.  I think turning it on is a good idea, because it leverages the
existing (non @brief-using) documentation we have.

A patch, making these two changes, is attached.


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