Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Feb 28 08:59:05 EST 2010

Dear Robert,

please ask questions about gnucash *only* on the mailing list (gnucash-devel, 
included in CC now), never to individual developers. Thanks!

Am Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010 schrieben Sie:
> I wanted to point out that when I tried to build r18756 on windows it
>  failed with at strptime.c

Which compiler? Which build (the full gnucash build or the cmake experiment)? 
How does it fail?

Oh, well, I see a failure in the nightly gnucash build (Full gnucash build, 

> I believe the changes you made in r18748 were incomplete as there are 4
> references to strncasecmp but you only change 3, missing one near the end.

Missing one? Which line? There is only one on the left side of a #define, 
which means it is the currently defined macro name. This wouldn't need to be 

> I am not sure why the following error happened, but the compiled version
>  did not run as it was complaining about a missing libxml2.dll so I added
>  c:\soft\libxslt\bin to the path and hay presto it worked.

That's a recent error - the DLL is libxml2-2.dll. If your binary requests 
libxml2.dll (without the 2-2) it is an error. Maybe you didn't remove your 
gnome/ directory after the recent dependency version number upgrade?



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