Is there anything I should know to replace GnomeDruid with GtkAssistant?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 1 09:22:58 EDT 2010

Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> writes:

> The trouble is, I know of additional issues:
> - webkit is not available

I'm sure that Bill Nottingham would build a package to fit that
requirement.  So I'm not worried about that.

> - goffice for RHEL5 is missing (required) cairo support (introduced by me 
> early 2010)

This is a bigger issue that I don't think Bill could fix.

> These are big issues to fix.
> Database support and webkit can be avoided as both are compile time options. 
> However, these two are the main reasons for 2.4, so removing those would 
> significantly reduce the added value of 2.4 on RHEL5.
> So in the end I agree to drop RHEL5.5, and aim for RHEL6 which will come out 
> in one of the following months. The interesting question thus: what is now the 
> oldest/most conservative distro we still support ? Based on 
> it seems to be Debian Lenny.
> Geert


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