po/{zh_CN,ja}.po haven't been updated by r19334

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Sun Jul 11 13:03:30 EDT 2010

Am Thursday 08 July 2010 schrieb Tao Wang:
> Hi,
> r19334 "Merge most recent pot template into all language po files.".
> However, zh_CN.po and ja.po are missed for the updating. Could you check
> it? Thanks.

That was intentionally. zh_CN and ja.po were both submitted via the 
Translation Project (TP), and that one has a completely different way of 
handling the merging of the pot template. In particular, any updates in 
zh_CN.po which is done on our side (upstream), such as this merging of the 
latest pot template, is *not* copied back into TP's version of zh_CN.po. This 
means once the translator next updates his zh_CN.po, there will be one branch 
of changes upstream (old -> old + newly merged) and another one branch of 
changes at the TP (old -> old + updated translation). In order not to create 
the separate upstream branch, I excluded those translations where I knew they 
are handled via the TP.

In summary, touching the *.po files is done at the gnucash side only for those 
translations which are *not* submitted via the TP. On the other hand, the po 
files of TP-handled translations will solely be changed by the translator 
and/or the TP, but surely not by us.

Best Regards,


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